Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Keith Olbermann Post Revisited

After my posting of Keith Olbermann's comments on 9-11, many faithful followers of Evening With Sabs have voiced their displeasure of the violation of my own Prime Directive which states that I wouldn't get political. In point of fact, no violation was committed. Why? Because we are here to educate and have fun but also to show many sides of an issue even if that issue is controversial. In retrospect, to keep the political pendulum from swinging too far one way or another, a counter commentary from Bill O'Reilly should have been listed following Mr. Olbermann's. For that, I offer my apologizes.

Purely for entertainment purposes, if you REALLY want to know what side of the isle I reside, here are my views on a few hot-button topics:

* Separation of Church and State? Yep. Gotta have it. Remember, as the bill of rights indicates: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." which means that the federal government is prohibited in supporting a specific religion. If one chooses to be Protestant, go for it. If one chooses to be Jewish, have at it. If you want to worship Seinfeld and recite the summary of every episode verbatum, you'll be labeled a freak but again, you have every right.

* Way back in 1974, the National Maximum Speed Law went into effect that capped all speed limits at 55 mpg. The entire law was finally repealed in 1995 which gave the states power in determining speed limits. Back in 1998, I drove a stretch of road in Montana and the speed limit was "resonable and prudent". I LOVED THAT. Since that experience, I firmly believe that the speed limit should be 80 miles per hour everywhere except in school zones.

* Gay marriage doesn't bother me as long as the chicks are hot.

* I don't believe that all of THIS--the universe in its entirety, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galactic cluster and the forces that control them--happened by accident. There are too many mechanisms in nature--cell division, DNA replication via RNA, water being the only molecule that floats as a solid just to name a few--that are too incredibly complex to just say "it just happened randomly". I have no scientific proof of this but let us just say that there are elements of existence that are beyond our comprehension as human beings. Kind of like the debachel that is Cleveland sports. No one understands why they all suck but something must have started the ball rolling.

* The economy: The stock market is going up. The S&P 500 is at the highest level in almost 6 years. Housing is down, Car sales are down. Ford and GM are being restructred. Companies are moving to China and other countries taking American jobs with them. Affordable health care is still a work of fiction and Bin Laden is still hiding under a rock somewhere on the Eurasian continent. I still have a job, a 401K, a house, a kickass lawn mower and a car that has 191,000 miles on it. I have no idea what my kickass lawn mower has to do with any of this but it still tops my list of badass power tools in my garage.

* Violent video games don't cause kids to kill people. These damn Tickle Me Elmo-type stuffed animal toys are the REAL cause of violent tendencies in children. Ever listen to Elmo's voice played backward?

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Sniderman said...

Snap, Sabs!

You're much more better-er-er at giving up your stance than any politico running for orifice this year.

And there is NOTHING MORE freaky scary than Elmo talking in the middle of the night. I powered that thing off, too. He's possessed. You can see it in his white, beady eyes.