Monday, June 08, 2020

Cristobal About to Break a Unique Record

Tropical Storm Cristobal is now inland after making landfall along the Louisiana coast.

The forecast track takes the remains north through the central US and into the upper midwest/northern Great Lakes.

The western trough/surface front picks up the remains of Cristobal and lift it north...

This is very unique because after more than 2000 tropical systems in the Atlantic Basin since 1851 no tropical system has EVER impacted Iowa, Wiconsin, Minnesota and the upper peninsula of Michigan.   All of the multi-colored lines on the animation show EVERY tropical system since 1851.

Widespread rain the gulf coast north into central Canada.

The trailing front will boost temperatures across the upper midwest ahead of the remains of Cristobal Monday and Tuesday across the Ohio Valley



Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Which Weather Warning is issued the most in northern Ohio?

The Iowa is a fantastic resource for looking up past weather data. Warning: The site can suck you in so plan on spending some time bouncing around the different archives and graphical tools.

One element I found very interesting was the plotter that allows you to plot the NUMBER of specific types of watches and warnings PER MONTH for each NWS office.

How frequently are specific watches and warnings issued out of the NWS Office in Cleveland by month?

Tornado warning high months include MAY 1995, AUGUST 1997, JUNE 1998, NOVEMBER 2002, JUNE 2010, MAY 2014  (NOTE: Warning issuance changed from a county based system to storm based system for specific county areas in 2007)
Severe Thunderstorm Warning high months include: JUNE 1994, JUNE 1998 (HIGHEST), JULY 1999, JUNE 2008 (NOTE: Warning issuance changed from a county based system to storm based system for specific county areas in 2007)

Surprisingly only 4 of the last 15 years have had EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNINGS issued. 2019, 4 in 2012, 3 in 2011 and 2 in 2006.
Wind Chill Warnings are by far the least issued warning of the ones listed here

Monday, June 01, 2020

Earliest EVER Remains of a Tropical System - OHIO

The Remains of tropical storm Bertha this morning is the earliest ANY post-tropical system has impacted Ohio beating these 3 others (1968, 1939, 1902). Last time we had one this early in the season move thru northern Ohio: June 18, 1939 (MFD: 1.03")

Bertha developed off shore a few day ago along the Carolina coast.

National Hurricane Center forecasted the remains to move along the Ohio/PA line.