Monday, June 05, 2006

Future Fruits of My Labor

For the second straight year, our family garden, commonly referred to by many neighbors as "A Vegatable Eden" and others as "A Garden Experiment Gone Wrong" is planted, hydrated and thriving beyond expectations.

My garden isn't huge by any means but it does the job. Keep in mind, when it comes to gardens, size really doesn't matter. It's the quality of the food that the garden produces in August and September that is the barometer of a successful garden. After dumping 160 pounds of compost and other nitrogen rich additives, get ready for an endless supply of tomatoes, peppers and other viney fruit in roughly 80 days. Pictures will be forthcoming...

Notice the second picture. Yes, that is a tobacco plant. No, its not "Hippy lettuce" or "The Chronic" or some other illegal leafy plant, it's just straight-up tobacco. If all goes well, I plan on harvesting it and rolling a cigar in the fall. Then again, it might curl up, dry out and die next week. We shall see.


Colonel T said...

What a scandal it's going to be when the media finds out you are growing electric lettuce in your backyard.

"DOOBIE WATCH!" All the stations will cover it. That guy from Dateline will be out to your house if he can get a break from catching all those online predators.

Anonymous said...

Will your tobacco plant bloom?