Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Something you don't normally see in Ohio is a "Shelf Cloud" or an Arcus Cloud. Last night, a squall line developed around 8PM and produced a fast-moving Arcus Cloud. They rarely produce any rain themselves. Its the massive Cumulonimbus Clouds behind the Arcus Cloud that contain the rain/hail/severe weather.

Arcus Cloud - Northwest View

Arcus Cloud #2

Arcus Cloud - West View

Mammatus Cloud - After Arcus Cloud Passage


wahoodiehard said...

howcome the mammatus cloud does not look like mammary glands. now there would be some worthwhile pictures.

Sniderman said...

One may ask...

oh weatherman, why weren't thou at work when the mother of all arcus clouds was cruising by.

Nice pix either way.

Colonel T said...

I'm drinking at work today.



Dude, you've got to get out of television and get widda legal industry.

Anonymous said...

so yea i was looking at that cloud and i decided to eat some walnuts....after i ate the first nut i began to get thirsty so i looked up and said damn i wish i had a potatoe!!!! and sure enuff some guy drove by and threw a potatoe at me....thank god he missed! but yea anyway im vearing off the subject. Like i was saying i saw the cloud also and it looked like the arcus and the mamalotus carnectufalis are seperating the tacticular ashlonginotion so you know you might wanna look again! ......great pictures though!!