Wednesday, February 06, 2008

80s nostalgia continued...

What movie is this from?

It was in this movie, WarGames, that I was introduced to computer modems.

Before my buddy at "The2DollarBill" criticizes me for not writing about Super Tuesday, let me say that I am very surprised that McCain is still going strong. My prediction on the Dems: Hillary gets the nomination. You heard it here first!



How bout a nice game of Chess?

Wow, Billary from the Sabolski? You impress me with your all-seeing eye.

Dammit, did I miss Knight Rider? I don't like the ride, but I have to see the show.

Sky Girl said...

Sniderman, I just clicked the comments so I could say "Greetings Professor Faulkin. How 'bout a nice game of chess?" It's not so funny when someone else says it first.

I love "War Games."