Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Push Away From the Table

As Christmas nears, we all flock to, and orbit the seemingly endless buffet table at grandma's house filled with pastries, 7 different kinds of ham, bread, cheese dip and other rich delicacies only seen once a year.

Sure. We let ourselves go a little bit but hopefully not like these guys.

To make myself feel better about myself, I feel the need to look at celebrities that have not only let themselves go for a week like we all do but for the entire year. Because I am a sensative guy, we will only focus on guys.

Can you tell who this guy is?

How about him?

Or him...

Iron Mike doesn't resemble anything remotely related to iron.


Vil Kilmer, Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers), Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) and Mike Tyson

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Cutting Trip

Its been yeeeears since I went out with the family and cut down a Christmas tree. So, this past Friday, we did just that. For effect, I summoned the weather gods for a light snow to fall at just the right time so as to stimulate some Christmas least meteorologically.

The Christmas tree farm also had an barn full of Emu so we sauntered over to see what Emus do in the snow two weeks before Christmas. The answer to that question, in case you were wondering, is nothing.

The pictures follow in chronological order. And yes, Nathan found some honeycombs amidst the snow and mud. (Editors note: If you would have told me that he found a hand grenade out there in the field that afternoon, it wouldn't have surprised me.)

Also, check out Nathan's letter to Santa which was in the paper a few days ago.