Monday, October 25, 2010

How about a 70 degree day in November?

Monday and Tuesday offer, more than likely, the last "real" decent chance of a string of 70 degree weather this year. Granted, this time of year promises rapid fluctuations in temperature and overall weather.  Rain one day and potentially snow the next?  Its happened before. 

October is pretty much in the books.  So what does November look like?  Have we hit 70 alot historically in November.

Since 1980 (last 30 years) I counted up the 70 degree days and plotted them on the graph below.

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You can see that most of the 70 degree days happened early in the month with only a few scattered by mid-month.  Little to no chance by Thanksgiving.

By the end of the week, daytime highs will be back to normal--57 by late afternoon--then the countdown will begin to when the first snowflakes will fly.

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