Tuesday, December 07, 2010

HUGE East Coast Snowstorm this weekend!

Snow totals as of Tuesday at 10:30AM from the National Weather Service in Cleveland. This covers 2 days of lake effect snow. Click on image below for larger look.

A major east coast snowstorm seems to be developing Sunday into Monday this weekend.  As temperatures warm into the mid 30s Saturday, the snow will be a heavier, wet snow compared to the fluffy, lake effect snow of the last several days. Get ready for ANOTHER ROUND of LAKE EFFECT MONDAY NEXT WEEK!


Anonymous said...

This storm looks like the one from 1950,, what do you think?

S. Sabol said...

Those isobars mean lots of wind with lake effect Monday and Tuesday behind the east coast storm

Anonymous said...

On the lighter side on a day like today. If this snow would keep up, it would not come down.
Thanks for having the little American flag hanging on your wall. I seen it during the new's.
Rita Martin