Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Update: Any Ice on Lake Erie?

Now that the winter weather patterns are becoming more in line with normal Februaries from past winters--more cold and frequent snows--I can't help but look out the newsroom window to survey Lake Erie. Still no sign of any ice along the south shore. 98% of the lake is still open for business.

Environment Canada has a great site that tracks ice concentrations over the Great Lakes and higher latitudes of North America.  So far this winter, overall Great Lakes Ice Cover is at the second lowest level since 1973 when record keeping began.

How about Lake Erie?  2011-12 ice cover is also at the second lowest level since 1973 slightly behind the winter of 1997-98.  This winter:  2.54%   The winter of 1997-98:  2.38%

Here is the actual data is you like numbers!  I highlighted the top 5 lowest Lake Erie ice winters.

What does this all mean? As we've mentioned before, as long as late winter colder periods develops, expect more late season lake effect snows for the rest of February and March.

I'm still projecting between 20 and 25 more inches of snow from Valentine's Day and the end of March!


hammer3172 said...

I was wondering what last years snowfall and this years snowfall compared to one another. Im talking from January 1st through today for both years.

Anonymous said...

Gee hope your wrong about snowfall amounts for the rest of the season. I'm liking this unusual winter especially the southerly wind flow and the lack of Ice.