Tuesday, November 20, 2012

COLDER Pattern shift ahead. Clipper Snow!

The pattern is starting to evolve into a colder one next week.

November has been running almost 5 degrees below average (3rd month in a row) even after this past weekend where the image of neighbors hanging Christmas decorations on their roof will forever be embedded in my mind. Full disclosure, I was on the roof staple gunning icicle lights too.

Remember The Greenland Block that drove Hurricane Sandy inland? That was providing us with some foreshadowing on the pattern that seems to be evolving late next week. That same Greenland Block is once again, establishing itself which will more than likely lead to below normal temperatures for Ohio.

For more evidence showing that last year's "not so cold and snowy" winter probably won't occur early this year, look at the pattern in early December from last year. Notice how the colder air wasn't even close to the US. The ridge of high pressure kept Alberta Clipper snows from developing. November was one of the warmest on record! Compare the map on the left to the one to its right. That is the forecast for late next week. Weak ridge in the middle of the country, stronger trough should equate to COLDER AIR for northern Ohio and MAYBE our first ALBERTA CLIPPER SNOW of the season!

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