Friday, December 21, 2012

First Snow of the Season; First Since Early March

The pattern shift to a more cold and snowy one (that we talked about weeks ago) is finally upon us. And with this shift, the first snow of the winter which is falling, appropriately enough, on the winter solstice. Yesterday, a neat double rainbow was sighted by many people. Here is a photo of the double rainbow taken over the lake.

The last time we had a stretch without at least 1" of snow was in the 1920s! So far, the accumulations as of early Friday morning have been on grassy surfaces.
Coating of snow in Chesterland early Friday morning
The radar still shows some dry air being pulled into the system. This happens in lows that spin over the Great Lakes. So a burst of blowing snow followed by a drier break is not that uncommon.

Here are the initial snowfall projections I went with on Thursday. These numbers indicate the snowfall through early Friday evening. Everyone will get at least 1-3" by sundown.

Factor in the localized lake effect today through early Saturday. Total accumulations are as follows. Most areas will get a good 2-4" by early Saturday.

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