Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cleveland March Year-to-Year Comparison

March 27th: FOX8 rooftop photo of Lake Effect clouds pushing south/Cleveland Skyline

I've mentioned several times how this March is almost a polar opposite to last March. Most of the country is seeing well below temperatures all month. Here are the difference between last March and this March comparing temperatures to the averages.

Just how different has the second half of March been compared to last March 15th through the 26th in Cleveland? The drop in temperature this March since the 15th is the greatest drop of any back-to-back Marches in recorded weather history!

Here are the Marches with the largest comparisons year-to-year. How about a 32 degree difference.

Diving into the numbers further, the 3 year comparisons so even more variation. 2011: 41 degrees, last year: 63, this year 31

Its looking better and better for this cold pattern to slowly moderate next week. Stretches of snow-producing cold will be replaced by temps in the 40s. By the way, normal high is 52

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