Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How Historic Is This April Cold? April Snow?

There is little sign that this cold April will end anytime soon.  The cold air this weekend will be similar to last weekend. In fact, the 850mB (5000 ft) temps over Lake Erie, the key component for determining lake effect snow amounts, might crack the top 5 coldest ever for the month of April since 1950!   Here is the list per the NWS

 Both the GFS and the European show pretty much the same amount of cold as of this writing.

The pattern shows some signs of moderation across the eastern US but not until at least the midway point of the month. Another wave of colder air will follow this weekend's cold by the middle of next week.

The lack of snowfall this winter is almost historic. So far, our season snow total is the lowest since the winter of 1931-32.

April snowfall of at least one inch happens roughly 50% of the time. Here is a look at the percentage of seasonal snowfall in April.  This past weekend's snowfall brings this year's percentage up to 5%. Expect snow chances to climb with each burst of colder air through the middle of the month.

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