Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Outlook For The Rest Of Winter? Written January 19th/Updated Feb 9th

Yes. It's a catchy title that probably evokes many suspect responses.  Let me explain my self:

Big cool down late this month/first week of February followed by a warm up by mid month February per the Bering Sea Rule which dictates ridge over the Bering Sea correlates well to eastern US ridge roughly 16-18 days in the future.

The GFS shows this ridge evolution quite well.

February 9th Update:

BSR verification (forecast left panel with actual heights right) for the period above looks pretty good.

This warm up may be the final nail in the coffin shutting down arctic cold for good this winter. Why? Check this much snowfall did we get from 3rd week of February to start of spring in 10 historically cold winters in Cleveland? Not much...

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