Sunday, November 05, 2006

Brainwashed UPDATE

Well, it's official. My son is now one of Elmo's little mineons. Just this past Thursday, I walked into the family room and witnessed with my own eyes the final step in converting my son into a follower of Elmo. Knowing that it was too late to save him, I did what any responsible parent would do in a situation like this: I grabbed the camera and snapped this picture so that I have proof of this phenomenon in the event I need it in court when I take the late Jim Henson's company of brainwashing puppets down.

1 comment:

Sniderman said...

I'd be less concerned with Elmo... and more concerned that your boy needs a haircut. He's out of regulation.


Again, beware of talking Elmos in the middle of the night. They are indeed a portal for the dark side.

In fact, any child toy with batteries is subject to posession.