Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Father's Day is still a bit awkward for me because I still think of Father's Day as a day where we all chipped in as kids and bought my dad a few ties, a cigar and took him either out for breakfast or tried to make it ourselves. I still remember when he tried to choke down our "version" of pancakes which consisted of too much of every ingredient listed on the box with a few renegade cheerios thrown in for good measure. Those days are coming for me soon enough.

Now that its early afternoon on this special Sunday, truth be told, the aura of Father's Day is just now sinking in. I'm not one for wanting people to give me special treatment even if it is a day for fathers but its easy to just give into the spirit of the day and relish in the fact that I AM A FATHER and not everyone has this luxury that so many of us take for granted myself included. Just a few minutes ago, my son called me from the other room:

"Da, da?"

It was right at that moment that I realized I am not only a father but there is a bond there that is strong and getting increasingly stronger each and every day. The more I think about it, Father's Day is a time where I see myself exploring those times where the silence of an expression or an embrace speaks a library full. And afterward, I'll take several steps back and you can bet I'll be awestruck by the complex connection that my child (soon to be children) have created together.

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