Monday, July 05, 2010

Tropical Storms in Ohio in July?

It doesn't happen very often but tropical systems have made it into Ohio. The most recent was the remains of Hurricane Ike back in September of 2008. Does it happen in July? Here is a map of Ohio and the tracks of all tropical systems since the 1860s that have crossed over Ohio. Remember that these tropical systems have weakened considerably by the time they reach Ohio.

So far, hurricane season has been quiet...for now.  It will heat up very soon.  For the latest tropical forecast, click on this link above the forecast picture.

We are in an upward trend for hurricanes. This began in 1995 and will continue for quite sometime.  Hurricanes that make landfall along the east coast in these upward trends also increases.  Take a look at this map with the circles representing Ohio vacation hotspots.  Although this doesn't mean that the east coast will encounter a hurricane directly, it just means that the chances are much higher.

How about the months ahead?  The peak month for hurricanes is September, usually the first week and a half.  So if you are planning a vacation in late August or early September, stay up to date on the latest hurricane outlook because your chances of being affected by a hurricane or tropical storm increases greatly.

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