Friday, July 09, 2010

LeBron James: Questions We Need to Ask

Lebron James announced he was heading to the Miami Heat for greener pastures.  The decision wasn't that surprising.  It was the way the announcement was made that has irked most fans.

Yet there are so many points to consider when reacting to the news.  Here are a few that I've considered since I found out where he was going:


Point #1:  The whole 5 day period leading up to his announcement was handled poorly to say the least.  LBJ could have made a statement about his future without calling ESPN, creating a one-hour special to do so.  There is a difference between being confident and blatant arrogance.  If he would have announced his departure without fanfare--sure, it would have been tough to digest as a lifelong Cleveland fan--yet it would've been the classy way out.  Cleveland is a blue collar town.  Fans deserve better after supporting him.

Point #2: LBJ should have called Dan Gilbert before making his decision.  It would have brought class to a very touchy situation.  Instead, he announced his decision to leave Cleveland in Connecticut of all places.  Stand on a podium at the "Q".  Thanks the fans, the team, the owners and calmly address the local media, answers questions about your decision.  Handle the situation in a way that doesn't slap the fans of Cleveland in the face.

Point #3: I don't think that this is as bad as Art Modell leaving Cleveland.  Lebron didn't sneak out in the middle of the night....although it seems close only a few hours from hearing the news.

Point #4:   LBJ had the right to leave.  He earned it as a player who's been in the league  for 7 years.

Point #5:   Dan Gilbert, incredibly upset as he might be, should have waited to comment and let the dust settle.

Point #6:  Ever notice that the players who have rings/championships don't care about their branding?  Say what you want about Kobe Bryant.  He could care less about his brand or about how many shoes he sells.  He cares about winning championships and nothing else.

Point #7:  I firmly believe that LBJ controlled more of the Cleveland franchise than what was originally said over the last several years.

Point #8:  All of these NBA players re referring to themselves in the third person.  I thought only Rickey Henderson did this.  I don't remember Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson handling questions self-glossing themselves as if they are the center of the universe.

Now the questions:

Question #1: The big question we all have to ask ourselves:  Would LBJ have a better chance to win her in Cleveland given the player we have?

Question #2:  Prior to his leaving, did the Cavaliers have the players necessary to make a blockbuster trade to take the team to the next level capable of contending for a title with the likes of the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics?

Question #3:  Even with LBJ here in Cleveland, would that have been enough to attract top-tier free agents now and in the years to come?

Question #4:  What Cleveland team has the best chance of winning a championship now?


LBJ14 said...

To the last question we need to ask. Well right now I am 21. Maybe The Browns will take the Super Bowl when I am 40.

BruceB4Given said...

Not everyone will be a Dick Goddard. Even though Mr. Goddard could have gone anywhere at the height of his career he chose to stay with Cleveland, making him a local hero.

LeBron did what was good for LeBron and I can’t blame him for that. The kid wants a championship, and with the Cleveland Curse, you know he won’t get one here.