Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat is heading for Ohio..But For How Long?

I was "off the grid" for a week and a half resting and spending time with the family.  In the midst of some badly needed R&R, the heat in the center of the country has slowly expanded north and slightly east.  So far, Northeastern Ohio has only had 5 days above 90 through July 17th.  As the heat slides east this week, it isn't a question of weather or not we hit 90 but how many times.

More than 10 states are under "excessive heat warnings" Monday, July 18th

The 100+ degree heat is almost to the Canadian border

...and south into Texas

Heat index readings of at least 120 will be common

The forecast high temps for all of us in Northeastern Ohio are still high...and climbing by the end of the week. A few storms might reduce the temps a bit but not much

The "heat ridge" is still strong as show below

By early next week, the projections pushes the heat back west which should allow daytime highs to stay in the mid 80s for most of northern Ohio.  So if you are getting married next week or if you are finishing up baseball season or heading out for "two-a-days" for football, the oppressive heat should not be as much of a problem

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