Monday, June 25, 2012

Update: Tropical Storm Debby/Heavy Rain over Florida

Earlier on this summer, I blogged about the above normal water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coastline and how these areas would be the most primed for tropical storm development. So far, this has held true with the exception of Chris

Now, Tropical Storm Debby is spinning its way closer and closer to the Gulf Coast.  The computer projections are having a difficult time coming to a consensus on its future behavior. The National Hurricane Center has 26 separate computer projections at their disposal. The plot of all these projections doesn't help much. This map looks like a spider web although the latest projections are a bit more in line with bringing Debby into the northern half of Florida.

The official NHC track is determined by picking the best possible projection that best represents the current conditions and past characteristics of the tropical storm. Below is the current NHC track which takes it over the Florida Panhandle over the next 5+ days.

The radar shows the rotation and heavy rain bands over Florida.

More than a foot of rain could fall over the panhandle of Florida.

If this drifts over Florida and back over the very warm water of the Atlantic along the Georgia/South Carolina coastline, this "might" develop further into a hurricane.  If you are driving to Florida this week or vacationing anywhere in the southeastern US.  Keep updated on the latest Debby information.

This will need to be watched carefully over the next 4-7 days!  Lots of uncertainty.

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