Friday, August 24, 2012

Isaac Update - Gulf Coast Landfall Looking Better and Better

This morning's Tropical Isaac update shows more consensus on the track of Isaac as it intensifies into a hurricane.

The satellite shows the areas of concentrated convection coming together as it moves into warmer waters.
The track as of mid morning Friday continues to show it moving over Cuba, Key West and into the Gulf of Mexico early next week
The wind swath painted by the National Hurricane Center shows tropical storm force winds over a large area.
 Rainfall will be tremendous across southern Florida and into southern Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. Look at the 8"+ ares from Key West northwest.

Hurricane Dennis back in 2005 took a similar track.

The water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are above normal in most areas so the potential for intensification is very high before it make landfall along the gulf coast. Check out the temperatures. The black line indicates the projected path of Isaac.
What about after it makes landfall? The long range track pulls the center of Isaac more east which would eliminate Ohio's chances of seeing tropical rainfall. More updates this weekend!

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