Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac Intensifying; Isaac Remains in Ohio? Airshow Problems?

We've been tracking Isaac since early last week. Now that Issac is heading into the Gulf of Mexico with no land to inhibit its development, the forecast is now more certain. Unfortunately for residents along the gulf coast near New Orleans, landfall seem eminent on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Here is the latest satellite image of Isaac. Click on this link for the most recent image

How does this hurricane compare to Katrina? Look at the track of Katrina. It came out of the south as it made landfall in Louisiana...
 Isaac is coming more out of the southeast and is far weaker (at the time of this post)

The gulf water temperatures are running well above normal. This aids in the intensification process by evaporating water (the salt stays in the ocean). The process of water vapor condensing into water drops releases tremendous amounts of energy which all originates from water ocean water.

National Hurricane Center is still forecasting a landfall near New Orleans early Wednesday morning

Heavy rain from New Orleans to Pensacola. Notice the amounts:  18 inch bulls eye along the coast. Storm surge will be the highest along the Mississippi coast

All of the models are pushing Isaac further west with the remains into Ohio by this weekend. If you are heading to the Cleveland Airshow at Burke Lakefront Airport, stay up on the latest forecast

Using Google Maps, I pasted the model projection over a closeup of Ohio. I show this only because I love seeing things in weather that don't often happen. A projection that takes tropical remains over Ohio is not an everyday event. Something to watch later this week...

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