Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post of 2012: Snowscape in Ohio; Snow Path to the Grill

This year was filled with tons of news and weather stories. We started out with a mild winter followed by a 6 week drought in June/early July followed by above normal rainfall this fall.  As predicted, the weather pattern has flipped to a cold and snowy one here in Ohio. As of early New Years Eve, our seasonal snow sits at 14 inches; double that in the snowbelt. Its almost double where we were last year at December's end.

While out sledding with the kids on Sunday (before the Browns lost their final game versus the Steelers) I snapped this picture showing the freshly fallen snow.

As promised, I also shoveled a path to the grill. It took a while to heat it up to cook some pork chops.

Have a Happy, Safe and Joyous 2013!

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