Friday, December 07, 2012

Remember Dec 2004's Dramatic Shift? Super Mild to Super Cold

2004 is far enough from back in time to where most of us now need some event from that time to jog our memory. So when I talk about December of 2004's weather, unless you were caught in a snowstorm or knew someone who gave birth that month back then, you're probably asking me "What is so special about December of 2004"?

This month marked the beginning of the snowiest winter in Cleveland history! The event that jogs my mind from this month was that I mowed my lawn on December 4th that year. December 2004 featured a VERY slow start to the winter. Hardly any snow through the 10th. Guess what happened after that?

35 inches of snow through the end of the year!!!

How about the temperatures from that month?  Here is the first and second week. Notice the warmth across the country:

Now watch what happened from the 15th through Christmas. Look at the deep cold across the east and Ohio.

I'm not saying this will happen this year but what I am saying is that the pattern has, in the recent past, performed a complete 180 degree flip. So those of you wondering where the snow is?  Its coming....just a matter of time!

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