Monday, December 10, 2012

Where is the Snow? Is this Unusual? A Look Back Gives Us the Answer

This is the biggest asked over the last week or so on Facebook and Twitter. Christmas is 2 weeks away and most people want a bit of snow. Yet we still remember last winter where hardly any snow fell in November and December (2.1") Is this all that unusual?

Here are the snow totals for each winter since 1990 through December 15th.  There are 8 winters with less than 2 inches of snow through the 15th and 9 winters more than a foot of snow since 1990.

The average since 1990 has been 7.1 inches through December 15th...All-time average through the 15th is 9.6 inches...

So we are definitely BELOW THE AVERAGE.  Yet there are many years where the snow totals through mid December have been fairly small.

Why do I continually "strongly hint" at a white Christmas? Two projections have been painting a bulls eye over the northern half of the US the week leading up until Christmas for more than a week now.

No snow this week...

Three separate "run throughs" of this model suggest several inches for Ohio!

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Phillip Witten said...

So when can we expect the snow