Monday, December 24, 2012


Since this pattern started to shift to a more wintery one a week ago, storm systems have developed in the south and began to follow a track through Ohio and into the Northeast.This storm Wednesday will take a more southerly track which will put northern Ohio in the "colder, snowier zone".

On Saturday, I posted these initial projections CLICK HERE FOR MY POST

I never want to bite too fast with southern storm system because the amount of milder air that's pulled north can easily transfer snow to sleet or freezing rain greatly reducing the snow numbers. I remember forecasting 15-20" of snow in one situation years ago. At the last minute, milder air pushed north. Heavy snow never materialized. The amounts ended up being closer to 5-8". A decent amount of snow for sure but it wasn't even close to the initial 15"+.

The question with this storm isn't whether or not we will see significant snow--all models are pointing in this direction--its a question of THE RATE AT WHICH THE SNOW FALLS!

Look at this evenings higher resolution projection for snowfall for early Wednesday. Note the scale on the right. Much of the accumulating snow is in Indiana.

Now watch the speed at which the snow accumulates from 10AM to 4PM...The snowfall rate is incredible! Its painting 10"+ in parts of Northern Ohio in less than 6 hours! If this verifies, we are looking at whiteout conditions and extremely hazardous travel conditions!

By 10PM (12 hours of snow), the projections are tremendous! Check the legend on the right for the amounts in inches.

Factor a EAST and NORTHEAST wind at 30+ mph and the conditions WEDNESDAY into THURSDAY will be blizzard-like in spots!

More updates right here tomorrow...Merry Christmas!

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