Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Trip to Okinawa: Awesome "Random" Photos

I made it a point to do several things while overseas:

1. Observe everything: People watch. Look for subtle cultural nuances
2. Experience as much of the culture as possible.
3. Eat only Japanese food.
4. Try to converse in basic Japanese, i.e. "Please, Thank You, Hello, Good-bye"
5. Don't attempt to drive (they drive on the left side of the street)
6. Take as many pictures as possible that show the uniqueness of the culture even if it seems a bit strange

(All 6 goals were met until one dinner when the only viable option was a steak. I didn't complain.)

...Which brings me to number 6.

Normally, I focus on taking pictures of nature. An island in the Pacific offers infinite possibilities. The city also provides a great landscape for shots that tell a story of the metropolis--the city and its complex movements big and small frozen in time.

I couldn't help but see the many signs that don't translate well into English.

Some signs just make you laugh...what kind of coffee show is this?!

People are not laid to rest in cemeteries in Okinawa. Above ground tombs are used. They are located in some of the strangest places. These tombs are about the size of a shed; made of stone and marble.

Beverage vending machines are all over the place. They have both cold and warm beverages.

You'll find them EVERYWHERE and the most random places. Here is one that is next to a tomb. The service truck pulls up, fills the machine and goes on his way.

Forget, IHOP. Here, some restaurants have a conveyor belt with all kinds of sushi rotating around the restaurant.

You had better finish your dinner or this guy will rough you up!

Want a snack of almond and fish?

Snakes in booze.

One random observation:  I continued to follow the changing weather here in Ohio while overseas. I had to Google the link to the Storm Prediction Center website to find severe weather updates. Normally a Google search of "SPC" in the States yields the "Storm Prediction Center" website at the top. In Japan, the Storm Prediction Center was no where to be seen. However, the 11th listing for "SPC" in Japan was "Supergirls".  I didn't investigate further.


Darlin said...

Wonderful Pictures Scott

Darlin said...

Wonderful Pictures Scott

saily1 said...

love the pics... what made you go there?

saily1 said...

love the pics.. what made you go there?