Thursday, May 23, 2013

High Resolution Image of Post-Tornado Moore, OK

Where would we be without Google Maps, high resolution satellite images and the ability to plot all sorts of important data on these images?

My sister used to live in Moore, Oklahoma, She and her family were present in 2011 during some very significant tornado outbreaks that spring. They have moved on but the name Moore, Oklahoma because of the family connection has stuck in my mind since. Earlier in the week, my memory of Moore was infused with adrenaline after the EF5 tornado struck. My family continued to wonder if this tornado was close to my sister's old house. This is where Google Earth/Maps came in very handy.

Using the Google Crisis Response website, I took a screen capture of the satellite image from May 22nd of her house within the context of the neighborhood and the decimated neighborhood only a few thousand feet to the northwest that took a direct hit. This image really hit home.

To put the tremendous size of this tornado into perspective, the image below shows most of the tornado track/damage. The red box on the right side is drawn in the approximate location of the image above. Notice the debris pattern.

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