Friday, August 23, 2013

Philosophy Friday: Everything NOW!

My definition of Presentism is this: 

The idea that we want results now--we live in the now--sometimes seeing results before the present has played itself out. Society has evolved into a reality where we want//need results now. In many instances, before the present has drifted into the past. So much information coming at us that we fail to process it all--we have no point of reference anymore. 

 A great quote from Douglas Rushkoff's book "Present Shock" which talks about "Presentism".

"When there is no linear time, how is a person supposed to figure out what is going on. there's no story, no narrative to explain why things are the way they are. Previously distinct causes and effects collapse into one another. No time between doing something and seeing the result. Instead the results begin accumulating and influencing us before we've even completed an action. There is so much information coming in at once from so many different sources, there is simply no way to trace the plot over time."

A little philosophy on this Friday---Thoughts?

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