Tuesday, July 01, 2014

First Tropical Storm In The Atlantic: ARTHUR

The first storm has officially formed in the Atlantic 32 days into the season. Tropical Storm Arthur now has winds of 50 mph with slow movement to the northwest. This SITE has a great infrared loop of its evolution.

The circulation is noticeable on the visible satellite Tuesday morning. This image shows its position relative to the east Florida coast and the Bahamas.  VISIBLE SATELLITE LOOP

Tropical storm wind (35+ mph) probabilities through Friday the 4th of July are the highest along the North Carolina coastline.
All of the computer models (spaghetti plot) keep the center of the storm slightly off the Carolina coast over the next 5 days. Google Earth plot is here

The initial model estimates put the eye of the hurricane over the Outer Banks on the 4th of July.


Official National Hurricane Center track as of noon Tuesday July 1st is this:

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