Friday, February 20, 2015

Coldest Morning Since 1994!

It took a while to clear the skies out Friday morning. But once the clouds dissipated and the winds died down, the temperatures dropped. -4 at Hopkins at midnight. By 5:45am, the temperature dropped to -17, the coldest reading since January 19, 1994, the 4th coldest EVER in Cleveland. It is also the COLDEST February temperature breaking the record of -16 set on February 10, 1899!

Coldest region is in rural Geauga, Ashtabula and northern Trumbull counties.  Weatherspy temperatures on the WEATHERSPY BLOG

-39 at 7:37am in Rome, Ohio!

Look at what happened to the temperature in Rome, Ohio once the winds died down. The temperature dramatically dropped during the evening and especially since midnight.

Issues developed around 6am on the roads around the area. When the skies cleared out with calm winds, frost formed on the dry pavement. The fresh glaze on the road surface with temperatures between -15 and -20 caused multiple accidents on the major interstates around Cleveland.

14% of the US is below zero this morning.

 Much of deep south was below freezing.

Florida is in the 20s north of Orlando.

Here are some photos of backyard thermometers from across northern Ohio.

Atwood Lake

Cherry Valley (Ashtabula County)


Concord Township



Mineral City



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