Monday, March 11, 2019

Lake Erie Ice Images

Cool Lake Erie ice coverage images courtesy of the European Space Agency Sentinel-L2 and L3 satellites. Notice the surface inconsistencies of the ice and the BIG crack/gap highlighting the unstable nature of the ice field. First image is from the MODIS satellite. The remaining images (courtesy ESA - Sentinel L2 and L3 satellite) start over the eastern basin from Buffalo to Erie, PA where the ice thickness is greatest. Notice the mid-lake crack which is roughly 2 miles wide.

Our vantage point from the shoreline is short. Notice how highly variable the ice coverage is as you continue out onto the lake

MODIS Satellite from Friday 3/8/2019

Sentinel L3 image - Satellite 3/9/2019

Thickness will continue to drop along the shoreline to between 1-2 inches
 at most by the end of the week. STAY AWAY FROM THE ICE!

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