Monday, July 08, 2013

Cabrera and Davis Leading The Way

Courtesy: ESPN

I distinctly remember looking at Miguel Cabrera's stats a few years ago after 6+ years in the big leagues and speculated:  IF he kept up his pace through his prime years and into his early 30s, his overall numbers would look real Hall of Fame-like.  Here we are 3 years later. His numbers haven't wavered. The pace he's on is historic and he's getting better at the age of 30! All of this happening a decade AFTER the long ball era  faded into the baseball traditionalist world for further debate.


Not to be overlooked is Chris Davis's season:  0.320 average, leading MLB in slugging with 33 homers, 85 RBI a week before the All-Star break. Statistical speculation for Davis is tough considering his sporadic playing time before last season since 2008. Prior to last season, he played in 100 games only one time. His 2012 season was impressive with 33 homers, 85 RBI.  So impressive are his numbers this season, only 7 players have had MORE homers before the All-Star break.

Both Cabrera and Davis are entering into downright historic single season statistical territory. Here are the HOME RUN and RBI lists through the All-Star Break. Both Cabrera and Davis are climbing high.

The list of 30+ homer season BEFORE the All-Star Break is impressive

Most RBIs before the All Star Break:

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