Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Year Ago, Superstorm Sandy - A Look Back

Its hard to believe but its almost been a year since Superstorm Sandy started reeking havoc along the eastern seaboard. Now its time for a look back.
I’ve always used my blog as a diary chronicling my thought process on different topics each day. Often times, I write about what I call “behavioral meteorology” or the study of how we each perceive the weather through our own biased lenses. This time last year, my attention was significantly diverted to the increased potential of a major east coast storm. My passing interest was driven by purely science. The reality sunk in that this storm could directly affect one of the largest population centers on the planet. My interest quickly shifted to documenting every weather detail as they unfolded.
Below are all 9 blog posts I made from October 22nd to November 1st of last year (2012).
Late October Atlantic Hurricane…Potential Storm Next Week
Hurricane Sandy Update #1 of 3- Impacts on North Carolina Coast
Hurricane Sandy Update #2 of 3 – Landfall Projections, New England Impacts
Hurricane Sandy Update: 3 of 3 – Northeast Ohio Impact
Hurricane Sandy – Monday Update – Northern Ohio Forecast
Historic Northern Ohio Winds/Lake Erie Waves/Snowfall as Sandy hits Ohio

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