Monday, September 11, 2006

Where have we gone?

Contrary to popular belief among the blogging world, "eveningwithsabs" is not defunct. The chatrooms are filled with conspiracy theories speculating on the dormancy of our blog. Some claim that we are a secret government department--kind of like Area 51--whose job it is to do covert intelligence operations that will have political and socio-economic implications in third world countries and that Bono is really pissed. A few have even postulated that we have manipulated the universe on the quantum level creating a rift that has changed the alignment of the solar system and that we are responsible for Pluto being kicked out of our local planetary fraternity.

These erroneous rumors, bordering on apocalyptic need to be put to rest with some clarification.
One, we are not in the intelligence business although I'd love a tour of Area 51. (Does Will Smith live there with Tommy Lee Jones?)

We do not, nor does anyone else, have the capability of manipulating the fabric of the quantum world in interstellar space creating rifts that are felt on the planetary scale although that does seem kind of cool.

You know what the REAL reason for our blogging sabbaticle?...our hibernation from communication?

Truth be told, I've been a lazy bastard and frankly too busy!

However.......I now promise to rededicate myself and the rest of the team to produce fun, informative AND entertaining tidbits for you pleasure. The first of which will be later on this week with some badly overdue vacation picture from last month.

There. I got that off of my chest. Happy now?