Monday, February 07, 2022

John Telich: More Than A Sports Journalist

John Telich 1983

You know him as a 45+ year sports journalist veteran here in northern Ohio. This week marks the end of the storied career of John Telich. He's covered virtually every big sporting event from the mid 1970s through the up and down 2021-22 Browns season.  He tells the story when he was on the field during the Kardiac Kids 1980 season.  He was on the field during Len Barker's Perfect Game. He was there when the Indians went to the World Series in the mid 1990s, He was their when the Browns came back. He was their when the Cavaliers won their first Championship. I could do on and on. 

Those of us who have worked with JT know him as a man of character. His "fly under the radar", low key demeanor doesn't fit the archetype television personality and that fits him just fine.  You might have noticed his tireless work helping others. He's the first one to arrive and the last one to leave EVERY time we ask for supplies or gifts for people in need. He takes pride in his work both on and off camera. He is a man of character. 

In this social media, Tiktok-ified era we live in where many live for the spotlight, act with false modesty looking for some payout through their "15 minutes of fame", JT is a shining example of someone who goes about this day without fanfare. He handles himself with grace and humility.  He conducts himself not for attention, not for clicks but for the benefit of others. Rather than gossip on the day's events, he chooses the high road and builds people up!   He chooses to celebrate others. 

Today we celebrate his 45+ year career as a sports journalist. JT on behalf of my family, we wish you all the joy in the world enjoying life outside of television. I'm sure we will find you running trails, reading and most of all, helping others!   We should all use his work ethic and humble attitude as a template on how to act and behave each day not only in the workplace but in life.  

Send him a congratulatory note. He'd love to here from you!