Friday, January 30, 2015

SATURDAY UPDATE: Significant Snow for Ohio Late Superbowl Sunday

Earlier this week after the Blizzard of 2015 shifted to the east focusing the major snow away from New York City, many meteorologists took to Twitter talking about how too much forecast uncertainty in message breeds inaction. I agree. This is why you will never see me post a snowfall forecast for a potential snow event more than 3 days out.  I might broad-brush the overall setup with generalities but an official snowfall forecast won't happen until we are inside 48 hours. The public wants a concrete forecast. Their risk is personal.  In order to give the best possible snowfall forecast with the least amount of uncertainty, I wait...

This takes us to the Sunday-Monday event.  I posted on Facebook how the the model projections are all over the place. I won't post that image here.  You can see it on my FANPAGE if you are inclined.

This snow system is far different in that it will encompass a huge geographic area with tons of moisture. The duration of snow over northern Ohio will be at least 9-12 hours maybe more.

Anticipate school delays and closing Monday.


Current radar loops are below.

Central Great Lakes sector loop

The track is a bit farther north. Here is the snow forecast from the onset of the snow through late morning Monday. The heaviest snow will be from mid afternoon Sunday through midnight.


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