Thursday, December 02, 2021

November 2021 Recap: Where Did The Temperatures End Up?

After a super warm October around most of the country, November featured more periods of "cold" across the eastern US.

First the October temperatures vs average

Now the November temperatures vs average (US)

Breaking down November into weekly periods you can see how variable the temperatures were as the split jet stream shifted week to week.  First week was colder than normal (lower left) across eastern US. The cold backed off the second week as the jet weakened as it lifted back into central Canada (upper right)

Third week featured the return of the northern jet across the northern states (upper left below) with colder periods more frequent (lower left).  By November 16-18, southern jet became stronger with a more uniform northern jet more southeast. The result was warmer temps out west with more sustained colder temps eastern US (lower right)

A close up look at the northern US/Great Lakes shows the sharp contrast between temperature regimes.

Max temperatures & Minimum temperatures vs average. 

So far most of the lake effect communities across the Great Lakes have had slightly above normal snowfall.

Overall snowfall across the US is below last year

Next post we'll take a look at what December is looking like!