Monday, June 06, 2022

How Humid was Last Summer? A Look At This Summer

Last August I wrote about the summer humidity at that point in the summer (You can read about it HERE). So I figured I'd revisit the topic now with last summer's final ranking.

It turns out that SUMMER 2021 was the 4th most humid summer since 1948 followed by 2010 at #3, 2018 at #2.  What summer is #1?  1995

Was last summer (2021) ranked #4 because we had an abnormally high number of days with dewpoints in the 70s?  Probably not. The next graphic shows the number of hours for each year we reached a dewpoint of 70+.  

There were 21 other years with more than 2021!  So what was special about the humidity last summer?  It was consistently humid with very little breaks.  

The number of hours with a dewpoint BELOW a dewpoint of 60 really tells the story.  Only 5 years had fewer hours with dewpoints under 60!  1973, 1987, 1995, 2010 & 2018.   Basically last summer we had far fewer breaks.

Our summer outlook for 2022 highlighted a slow start to summer.  So far as of this writing (June 6) the number of hours with dewpoints above 70 is ZERO!  

Last summer at the end of June we had 71 total hours so we have a long way to go to catch up to last year.  Remember it's early