Friday, May 24, 2019

Does Late May Team wOBA Indicate Team's Post Season Chances?

Here are the wOBA ranks for each of the last 10 season at the end of May.  (Fangraphs has an excellent tutorial on their website on what wOBA is an why this statistic is much better than batting average or on-base percentage)

Red teams indicate AL teams that made it to the post season. Blue teams National League. "W" are wild card teams:

While there are certainly some exceptions (total of only 5 teams) 81 of the 86 teams that have made the playoffs in the last 10 years have had better wOBA than the Indians as of this writing.

Unless the Indians offense gets better at the chances of them making the playoffs are extremely Slim.

2010 wOBA ranks

2011 wOBA ranks

2012 wOBA ranks

2013 wOBA ranks

2014 wOBA ranks

2015 wOBA ranks

2016 wOBA ranks

2017 wOBA ranks

2018 wOBA ranks

2019 wOBA ranks

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Spring Rainfall/Temperatures/Cloud Cover

April/May 19th cloud cover for each day in Cleveland and Akron

* Bottom of each graph is the ground. Top of graph is 30,000 feet
* Light blue color indicates clear skies
* Black/Grey color indicates cloud cover

Notice more cloudy days this year compared to last year over the same period. Also, Akron has had less cloud cover overall.

CLEVELAND: April-May 2018
CLEVELAND:  April-May 20, 2019

AKRON:  April-May 2018
AKRON: April-May 20, 2019
Mid April-Mid May: Ohio rainfall and temperatures vs normal since 2015