Friday, August 20, 2021

Where Does This Summer's Rainfall & Humidity Rank?

No big surprise here.  Even after an almost 2 week rainfall break in late July/early August, this summer still ranks 2nd all-time through August 19!

The individual rainfall events have been significant. Here is the number of 1/2" inch rainfall days.

28 of the 80 total days have had at least 0.1" rainfall. That is far and away the most of any summer.

The volume of rain water that's fallen across northern Ohio this summer is DOUBLE last summer!

For comparison, 6.6 trillion gallons of roughly 5% the volume of Lake Erie!

Our original summer outlook highlighted ABOVE NORMAL rainfall with an active July which has worked out very well.  We were hoping for near storm days and more dry breaks which would have allowed for more 90 degree days.  My initial call was for 10-15 days above 90. We went with slightly above to account for drier periods. As of this August 20th we stand at only 6. 

Number of severe thunderstorm warnings still running BELOW AVERAGE.

Continental upper level pattern has matchup pretty well with our initial outlook. 500mB heights vs normal in the images below show every 15 days starting June1st. Notice the frequent LOW in the central US and high pressure ridges flanking it.

How about the humidity.  Where does this summer rank?  2021 ranks 5th since 1948. Interesting summer of 2018 was more humid overall as was the summer 2010. The most humid summer was 1995

The extreme humidity has come in spurts.  We measure extreme humidity period in hours above a certain level. So far this summer's extreme humidity is lagging behind last year. In fact EVERY summer in the last 5 years has featured MORE EXTREME humidity than summer 2021.  See image below.