Thursday, October 14, 2021

How Unusual is this Unseasonably Warm October?

The entire Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, portions of the upper midwest and Northeast have enjoyed warm temperatures which rank #1 all-time through October 13th!

The above normal warmth extends into much of Canada with below normal temperatures along the west coast

HUGE high pressure ridge responsible for the warmth.  Look at the lows tracking across the deep south.  Keep an eye on this feature later this fall and into the winter (hmmmmm)

High temperatures in northern Ohio have been above normal all month.  Only one other October has had every day through the 15th above normal--2017.

The pattern can't sustain itself like this forever.  Overall pattern is starting to show signs of heading back to "normal". This was my long range outlook hinting at a "cooler" late October issued on October 5th

As of this writing (October 14th) the overall pattern is showing cooler periods with some "bump ups" in temperature; nothing long lasting.

Watch the warmer colors (high pressure) become smaller to be replaces by troughs (blue colors) to finish out the month. Basically temperatures will be averaging out to near average for late October.