Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trust Local Severe Weather Coverage

In weather situations like today, I would stick to local television stations for severe weather updates versus cable channels. National cable channels that air frequent severe weather updates often generalize their outlooks and coverage.  Most don't know about the specific mesoscale weather variations like the local meteorologists who work there.

During general updates for a multi-state area,  the words "tornado warning" might be said perhaps referring to another area. Yet local viewers often mistake these words to describe THEIR local weather!  Not saying they are wrong all of the time, they just have a tendency to "cry wolf" far too often with "wall-to-wall" when none is required.  Bottom line, watch your favorite local television station for hyper-local weather updates. I can guarantee that we at WJW FOX8 WILL NOT blow the weather out of proportion. We only break into programming during tornado warnings or if the weather becomes severe over a widespread area.

 Its not the weather that scares people the most, its the words you use to describe it!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Cleveland Home Opener Weather

So far, the front has been relatively inactive. A few spotty showers are popping up but nothing heavy or widespread. CLICK HERE FOR CURRENT RADAR

Expect a few hit and miss showers during the game. I highly doubt we will have any delays.

I will leave you with the team photo of the 1869 Cleveland Forest Citys. Snappy unis!
1869 Cleveland Forest Citys - Courtesy: