Thursday, February 29, 2024

Tornado Warnings to Snowfall: How Often?

February 28 featured temperatures in the lower and mid 60s with thunderstorms. A handful of thunderstorm warnings with ONE tornado warning in Knox County around 6am February 28.  This tied the earliest tornado warning of the season (2011 was the other year)

Severe weather across multiple states.

Temperatures dropped quickly from mid 60s to the 20s by early evening across northern Ohio. Scattered snow showers develop in the evening with a heavy band of lake effect by February 29 between 5 and 8am.

The drop in temperature impacted the entire Mid-west, Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.  Here is an animation showing the temperatures from 2:45pm Tuesday 2/27 through 2:45am Wednesday 2/29:

Radar loop for the northern Ohio shoreline the following morning (Thursday AM) shows a significant band of lake effect snow:

How often do we go from TORNADO WARNINGS to SNOW in 24 hours? Here is the short list:

How about TORNADO WARNINGS to SNOW in 48+ hours?

So its been 7 years -- March 3, 2017 -- since we had measurable snow 24 hours after a tornado warning!