Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where Have I Been?

...Good question. And I wish I had a better answer than "no where, really."

In fact, I could have written a bunch of stuff over the last several weeks but the spirit really didn't move me. Call it a combination of apathy and general laziness.

Let's catch up on a few items. First, my wife HAS NOT given birth yet. Her schedule C-Section is next Monday. While she is ready to pop--her words, not mine--she feels pretty good all things considered.

The Cleveland Indians are one game away from their 6th trip to the World Series which will start next Wednesday. This gives me a great excuse to show up to work at 3:30AM in a fog, incoherent and slow on the uptake. All of which has happened twice this week accompanied by that achy, sick feeling you get when you are sleep deprived. Basically, my body wanted me to throw up but I didn't have the energy to so I just stumbled around slowly as if I had 7 martinis.

A friend of mine decided to go to Dubai for vacation. Now that you're jaw is resting on the floor comfortably after the long fall from you face, an explanation is in order. He did it for "something to do". Fair enough. His blog that he updates daily chronicling his trip is definitely worth your time.

Also, have you seen the video of Miss Teen South Carolina answering a question during the pageant? Frankly, I could put this into heavy rotation on my mp3 player and it wouldn't get old.


...and the follow up interview on The Today Show which verified what we all were thinking when we saw the first video.

Now some random pictures that I've been accumulated recently.

My brother-in-law and my nephew Evan

My sister, her husband and their son Evan