Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wall Cloud Photos, Muckelheads, Mayflies

Yesterday was a textbook example of what I like to call "potent yet widely scattered storms." Many believe the phrase "scattered storms" is an indicator of intensity. In reality, the word "scattered" is referring to how much of the area will see storms not how strong the rain/wind. For those who saw storms, they were certainly potent!

Rainfall resembled a monsoon in some areas (2"+)  while other spots didn't receive a drop.

Andre Bernier took this panoramic photo from on top of the FOX8 roof as the wall cloud moved closer.

He also posted this time lapse as it moved inland.

Several other wall cloud photos from across the area.

Wall cloud from Sunday's storm

And last but certainly not least, the two insects we've been covering recently. Both are harmless; each look VERY different.

Finally, the mayfly invasion on an ATM in Sheffield Lake