Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Look at THIS WINTER in CLEVELAND so far...

Normally when I am greeting by someone when I'm out and about, they, more often than not, express their opinions about the morning show.  Recently, a common salutation of " you every morning" has been replaced with: "This has to be the coldest winter in AGES!"

So I went back to work, checked the temperature and snowfall numbers and here is what I found:

 First, out seasonal snow through February 10th.  Notice that this year, the totals are not all that high compared to the normal (average over the last 30 years)

The average temperatures didn't even make the TOP 10 coldest.
Thanks goes to the NWS in Cleveland

While the average temperatures were not close to record setting, we did have consistantly COLD temperatures BELOW FREEZING.  Here are the number of days below freezing compared to the last 5 winters through February 10th.  TWICE AS MANY days below freezing this winter compared to last winter

What about days with SNOW ON THE GROUND?  This year is very close to last winter with SNOW ON GROUND days.  Overall, the numbers are inching up each year over the last 4 winters. 

The amount of snow or the overall temperatures haven't been the story as much as the CONSISTENT BELOW FREEZING TEMPERATURES.