Wednesday, April 20, 2022

50 Cognitive Biases - These Influence How You View The Weather!

Over the last decade or so I've written about cognitive bias in how it shapes the way we view weather conditions and the weather forecast HERE, HERE, HEREHERE and HERE.  Here is a comprehensive list of biases from Visual Capitalist. How do these influence your thinking?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Snow to 80s in April. How Often Does This Happen?

Snow showers this morning. Yes, it's April 19th



April snow is not that uncommon. Look at the snow history from Late March through April. These are the individual instances of snow for EACH DAY since April 3rd color coded. 

Yet this week temperatures will be jumping significantly heading into the weekend. (SOI forecast from April 5th seems to be working out). 

SOI Changes in early April connect with these historical weather conditions

All of this means we could go from accumulating snow to 80 in a little over 4 days. When was the last time this happened?  LAST YEAR

I was surprised to find this has happened almost 60 times since 1950! The fastest SNOW to 80s was 19 hours in April 3-4, 2007

How about 80s to snow?  Only 10 times. Most recently in 2018

Big temp swings in March and April occur with high frequency vs other months. These big changes occur in the central US more than in the Great Lakes.