Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene is history. Now another tropical system brewing

For all of the talk concerning Irene being blown out of proportion, areas from New Jersey to New England are still under water. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power.  The bottom line: Never underestimate hurricanes.

We are entering the peak hurricane season

All eyes are on the eastern Atlantic where another tropical system is in its infancy.

The question remains whether or not this "soon to be" hurricane (by Thursday) will take a similar track to Irene.

Here are several different projections: You can see the "blob" in the center by Sunday

Here is the projection by NEXT THURSDAY (10 days away). The projections take the hurricane north and away from land next week.

So if you are heading to Disney over the next several weeks, watch the tropics. Its going to get real bumpy.