Monday, September 27, 2021

How Warm Was This Summer? Complete Summer Weather Recap - Part I

Credit:  Nadine Maruszczak, Getty Images

This past summer featured significant warmth across the northern states, New England and western US.  Temperatures were below normal across the deep south.

The next 3 maps below show temperatures vs normal for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST.

When we examine each climate division and rank the OVERALL summer temperatures for each division (out of  129 years) we get this picture below.  The lower the number (out of 129 years) the warmer the period (JJA).

Overall summer temperature trends across the US are increasing

Once we separate the divisional high temperatures from the low temperatures, we can see significant difference.  Divisional high temperature ranks are similar to the overall temperatures. 

Yet the overnight low temperature ranks are far higher in many areas.
The well above normal low temperatures correspond to the well above normal rainfall areas
Summer rainfall vs normal below .  Green and blue areas indicated above normal.  Warmer colors show .well below normal rainfall

The Ohio Valley and upper midwest breakdown for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST on PART II (NEXT POST)